Memory Care at Bayside Park

Our memory care program recognizes that life is lived in moments both great and small. To be truly alive is to live each moment to its fullest, free from the past and open to the future.

That’s why Bayside Park provides much more than just memory care, we offer dementia care plans that strive to help every resident living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia find comfort and joy in these moments.

Our In the Moment enrichment program differentiates us from other Alzheimer’s Care communities and care plans. We actively encourage team members to learn about all residents living with dementia – their accomplishments, their interests, the times and people that have shaped who they are and what they feel, love and enjoy.

From this knowledge, we develop a dementia care plan of enrichment and engagement, encompassing both individual and group activities that best meet our residents’ needs and preferences. In this way and more, we transcend the label of memory care and offer true community and truly personal care. The strong relationships that are formed as a result of this style of care, coupled with the intimate setting and diverse memory care programs, add up to a community that is dramatically different. Also check out our sister community Lakeside Park.

  • Three delicious chef-prepared meals per day
  • Full service housekeeping and linen services
  • Caring, trained staff available 24-hours per day
  • Complete apartment maintenance
  • All utilities except phone service, cable and internet
  • Scheduled local transportation
  • Dynamic calendar of classes, activities and outings
  • Senior wellness programs
  • Comfort and support services
  • Family education and support services
  • Coordination with health care providers
  • Daily assurance checks and medication monitoring
  • Best Move move-in coordination service


I’d give this place 10 stars if I could. It’s fabulous. They offer assisted living, independent living, and dementia care. It’s in a new building in an arty part of Emeryville that’s really a work of art in itself. Walking into it is like walking into a modern museum. There’s a stunning arch, skylights, beautiful […]

A good friend’s dad stayed here for months & as we visited got to see the happenings on the inside. They strive to be unique by keeping seniors active with activities, opportunities to keep learning and growing by staying active in the community. They really take the time to notice what appeals to the senior […]

When you walk in the door, you think it’s a place you’d like to live yourself. The facility is gorgeous in every way, with everything under the sun under its roof–exercise facilities, exercise programs, a wading pool, any number of workshops, beautiful quiet rooms. They couldn’t have given my mother-in-law better care, including providing lots […]

Father & Son Laughter

Memory lapses are normal at any age. We all occasionally forget where we left our keys, or why we entered a room. But if you’ve been noticing increasing memory lapses in your elderly parents, you might be wondering if one or even both of your parents have Alzheimer’s disease. How can you know if your […]

Memory Care Apartment
Modern decor and piano in lobby