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Outing to the Sequoyah Country Club

We had the thrill and honor of returning to the Sequoyah Country Club in the beautiful Oakland Hills on February 17th. We were there to attend the amazing performance by “The Therapists” in their Comeback Jazz program featuring jazz favorites from the 1930’s and 1940’s. Songs like “I Got Rhythm,” “Summer Time” and “Oh, Lady Be Good” had our full attention as our residents (and residents from other senior communities who were invited as well) were up and singing and dancing to nostalgic tunes. Great memories were created and they permeated the classic banquet room at the Sequoyah. Add the fact that it was Bob Schwartz’s 91st Birthday celebration and a very special occasion for this founder of The Therapists who plays tenor sax, clarinet and vocals and you know it doesn’t get better than this. Did we mention that the residents sipped wine in elegant, fluted glasses and enjoyed a generous slice of Bob’s delicious Birthday cake?

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