Outing: TCHO Chocolate

On February, 8th we took a trip to TCHO (pronounced CHO) located in Berkeley. We had a wonderful tour guide, Catherine, through our chocolate experience. She taught us about how chocolate is produced from tree to the finished product. She also touched briefly on how TCHO has a program called TCHO Source that addresses the gap in understanding between cacao farmers, cooperatives, and cocoa research institutes around the globe, with the goal to produce the best cacao beans possible. TCHO Source helps supply the tools and training needed, so their partners can become experts at both flavor analysis and cacao production while earning a better living.

At TCHO they focus on the pure chocolate taste rather than the percentage of cocoa. This means that the chocolate they sell is darker than other types of chocolate and their specialty is dark chocolate. We got to taste the differences in the chocolate that TCHO produces. They have four main types of chocolate: Chocolatey, Fruity, Bright, and Nutty. Each type of chocolate comes from a different country. Chocolatey is from Ghana, Fruity is from Peru, Bright is from Madagascar, and Nutty is from Ecuador. The residents really enjoyed going to TCHO and learning about as well as tasting TCHO chocolate.

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