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My Mom moved to Bayside park Carpe Diem program a year ago after our family had visited and considered fifteen different options. A year later my Mom is doing well and we are happy with our choice. We initially chose Bayside Park because we found the program staff, activities, facility, the specific memory care program, the community, the food and the cost superior to other programs we had considered. A year later we find that our original reasons for choosing Bayside Park were right on the mark and Bayside has delivered. Tim, the director of Carpe Diem, and his staff Marlene and Linda, are standouts for the sensitive and caring way they work with residents treating everyone with respect, appreciation and dignity. Whenever problems have surfaced, Tim has responded in a timely matter to our concerns and helped improve the situation for my Mom. Within a few weeks of arriving, Micki, the new executive director, took a walk with my Mom, to get to know her and scheduled personal meetings with all residents and their families to review their care. There isn’t a perfect senior care facility and much depends on the “fit” for a particular individual. I think Bayside Park is worth checking out to see if it meets your needs.

Review by Will S.

When you walk in the door, you think it’s a place you’d like to live yourself.

The facility is gorgeous in every way, with everything under the sun under its roof–exercise facilities, exercise programs, a wading pool, any number of workshops, beautiful quiet rooms.

They couldn’t have given my mother-in-law better care, including providing lots of activities meant to “encourage” her memory. On the staff are very caring people, who couldn’t treat the residents there more respectfully. We would visit everyday””and the staff would always welcome us warmly, even bringing us food at mealtimes.

The private rooms are like elegant hotel rooms“”beautiful.

The cost seemed like a bargain, at about $4,000 per month.

Review by Philippa Kelly

A good friend’s dad stayed here for months & as we visited got to see the happenings on the inside. They strive to be unique by keeping seniors active with activities, opportunities to keep learning and growing by staying active in the community. They really take the time to notice what appeals to the senior community and tries to implement it! AND they have some holistic practices keeping it trendy too!

Review by keis30

I’d give this place 10 stars if I could. It’s fabulous. They offer assisted living, independent living, and dementia care.

It’s in a new building in an arty part of Emeryville that’s really a work of art in itself. Walking into it is like walking into a modern museum. There’s a stunning arch, skylights, beautiful roof gardens.

The whole independent living section has true apartments that are gorgeous and come complete with housekeeping services. The assisted living units are also nice, graciously appointed apartments. And the dementia care units are nicely appointed and spacious, with a full restaurant-style/catering kitchen.

There’s even a full gym, with physical therapy and massage on site””and always a lot of art on display. There are a number of artists who live there.

It’s not just that it has the kind of ambiance that appeals to families, though. It also walks the walk in terms of care. The family that owns it and the staff are totally wonderful. Very engaged. They know the residents well, and they offer very skilled care. The last time I was there, the chef who works there was walking around asking each person for their favorite childhood recipes, and he used that to plan meals.

Considering all that, it’s reasonably priced. This place is so awesome, I want to live there.

Review by ArtLover7
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This property is excellent and very safe, nice, happy environment. I would absolutely recommend to anyone.

Review by Emeryville, CA Family
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I went on a tour of this community. They offered many activities for the residents. This community allows pets. Housekeeping is also provided. It was very clean and up-kept. The person that gave us the tour was knowledgeable.

Review by Emeryville, CA Visitor
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What makes Bayside Park exceptional is that the people there really care and they are excellent at what they do.

Review by Anonymous
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When I came for a tour, I saw the whole floor, and we saw activities going on. Then we did a second tour with our loved one, and they suggested we sit in and observe an activity, and we did. We sat in on an exercise class, and when it was over, he didn’t want to leave, which was a good sign. They would keep him in his room watching t.v for most of the day, at his old community. They were all friendly, and it’s clean. I think this will work out nicely.

Review by Family Member
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The staff is good at keeping me involved and informed about my loved one. My loved one says that the food is great and they have a variety to choose from. The community offers a lot of activities, well I like to call them field trips. I would absolutely recommend this community to any of my friends and family.

Review by Emeryville, CA Family
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This is a great community with great care. The staff is always helpful and friendly. The activities are helping her to stay busy and active. The food is good and she is happy with the variety of different meals. The community is always clean and her room is very well taken care of. For those who want good care it is a wonderful community.

Review by Emeryville, CA Family
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First off, I have the utmost confidence in the skill and compassion of everyone that I’ve worked with at Bayside, from the Front Desk to the Director. It would make for a long review because I can think of almost two dozen individuals, in just the first week, all of whom have been great at what they do and very concerned about helping my Mom. But I mean it. I really want to thank everyone there that has helped my Mom.

Bayside is a great fit for my Mom. That’s saying a lot, because my Mom has very serious concerns about assisted living. That’s why its very important for her that Bayside’s sophisticated atmosphere provides residents with lots of opportunities to maintain and even enhance their own personal dignity.

In spite of my Mom’s concerns about assisted living, I think she’s already feeling less anxious, safer and more social than she did living in her own home. The best things about Bayside for her are the caring staff, the energy level of the residents, the cultural and intellectual opportunities and the independent, modern feel of the facilities. After doing a little better than expected in her first week, I’m hopeful that my Mom will really thrive in Bayside.

I think Bayside gives my Mom the best chance of enjoying some safe and happy times in spite of the scary prospect of worsening dementia. But I also have very much appreciated how the staff has helped me and the rest of my family through the hard process of trying to find the best opportunities for my Mom while she has a difficult (often impossible) time making decisions that are in her own best interest. As a caregiver, I’m very optimistic about a long and productive partnership with Bayside. ”

Review by Kevin

Great facility. Wonderful staff, very caring. Food was good. Many activities for the patients. Clean rooms.

Review by Alan L.

Jeannie, Kathleen, Daphne, and the nursing staff did a terrific job making me comfortable as caretaker and my brother as patient in time of great stress, making something difficult a little bit easier and very appreciated. I recommend Bayside wholeheartedly.

Review by john m.

My wife and I toured Bayside Park based upon a referral by a friend.  We are looking for an assisted living home four our Aunt who requires more care than we can provide for at home. Our first impression of Bayside Park was Wow! Walking into the community we were impressed by the light, cleanliness and newness of the building. Also a lot of residents were in the lobby listening to live music that we were told is offered every Tuesday. Other residents were sitting in the library room playing cards, a lady was painting in the art studio and a few residents were in the fitness center.  It was really great to see the energy as some of the other communities that we looked at had a much less vibrant feel to them. We toured the building with Cheryl and were impressed by the cleanliness and pleasant nature of the staff – lots of smiles, activities and interactions going on with residents. The model apartment was very functional and a good size for our Aunt.  We liked the programing philosophy of getting residents out of their apartments and involved in activities (lots of art and music). We have also heard good things about the care and programing from our friend that has a loved one there – while no place is perfect they gave Bayside Park pretty high marks. We still need to look at a few more places but Bayside Park will definitely be on our short list of choices.

Review by Jim O.

I was relieved that Bayside Park’s staff understood that looking for a place that provides dementia care was a very personal decision for me.

They wanted to know about my mom and what was important to me and my family. The place is clean. The staff are very friendly. Because we are not from the area, they provided us with a list of helpful, local medical referrals.

At first my mom was angry and didn’t want to be there, and although she still has good days and bad days, staff are always encouraging. My mom is eating better, is participating in the activities and we are feeling good about our decision to move her to Bayside Park.

Review by Cecilia S.

Our mom was needing more and more care at home.  It was becoming harder for her to do basic things for herself and we were worried about her memory.  We had a home care agency taking good care of her but then she had a fall at night.  We weren’t sure it was best for her to live at home and we where also questioning moving her into assisted living.  Both her doctor and nurse recommended Bayside Park assisted living.  We have a lot of decision makers in the family (1 brother and 2 sisters!) so we did our homework and chose Bayside Park after visiting several other places.  We’re so pleased with our decision…and our mom is beaming!  She actually thanks us, something we never expected.  Here are a few things that helped us:

For starters, the community is absolutely beautiful. As soon as you walk in you just know this place is different.  Floor to ceiling windows, lots of natural light, fresh plants everywhere, airy, immaculate…makes you wonder, “can I move in also?”  The location was central for us, very close to all the main access hubs which makes it convenient for the whole family to visit since we’re scattered throughout the Bay Area.  It’s easy access to a good choice of restaurants and cafes in the area and close to some of our favorite spots in Berkeley which gives us nice variety when we take mom out.

The people there are emotionally connected, caring and have great energy.  You can tell a lot by a smile and you see a lot of people smiling.  We absolutely love the programs and activities.  There’s always something going that’s engaging or fun and our mom is soaking it up.  She caries her activities schedule with her every day like a sacred scroll, very cute to see.

The open menu is also a favorite for her.  She can pick and choose what she wants, whenever she wants it and she really likes what she eats…and she loves her comfort food.  We keep encouraging her to eat more veggies or use the salad bar (which is what she kept telling us growing up).

In terms of price, we feel we’re getting a good value for what we’re paying compared to other places we looked at, and we’re paying less than what it was costing us to keep her at home.  The quality of care, amenities, variety of activities, overall atmosphere, peace of mind AND her smile is a great reminder of this for us.  A “thumbs-up” and thank you from our family.  The people there are a wealth of knowledge and great people to know and have on your team when you’re ready to move.

Review by Greg R.

It has been a long, difficult and challenging road to Bayside Park for my 85-year-old uncle who has advanced dementia, but it is the best place for him, without question.  We are so relieved, grateful and thankful to the people at Bayside Park for sticking with our family through considerable turbulence and adjustment with my uncle.  He was fiercely independent and lived alone for many years.  He was also not the easiest person to be around at times.  When he started losing his short term memory several years ago (it is completely gone at this point), he refused to accept help from the family and would become very cantankerous and obstinate.  Aside from the dementia, he is very healthy, still strong and just keeps on ticking, a good thing!  The family looked at several memory care facilities in the East Bay, and we were immediately impressed by Bayside Park.  As soon as you walk in the front door it is so spacious, and you see an art room to your right, a fitness center to your left, art work on the walls designed like an art gallery, and a high ceiling that gives a sense of openness.  There is a courtyard on the second floor, the hallways are wide and very spacious, and the residential units are roomy with high ceilings.  It is clean and always well maintained.  The most important part is the outstanding staff.   In our initial meeting with Judy Vared, we could see her genuine concern and caring, which was just what we needed.  It is also present with everyone.  After my uncle moved in, there were several team meetings to best address his independent spirit and stubbornness.  Jayne Frost, the Director of Health and Wellness, was very committed to helping my uncle transition to Bayside Park.  Sushi Frausto, the Wellness Coordinator, made it her mission to befriend my uncle to help him transition.  We could tell immediately that she did so not because it was her job, but because she had a genuine desire to help him reach a peaceful state in a new place.  The daily staff are all very friendly and engaging. I check in with them every time I visit, which is often. They are very informed and give me routine updates, which is very important to me.  There are so many daily activities that sometimes I will stay and join in to encourage my uncle to participate.  The entertainment includes musicians of many musical genres, singing groups, art classes, exercise classes, day trips and more; it’s just wonderful! I’m happy to report that my uncle has settled in and is doing quite well.  He is still ornery at times and has to be coaxed to do things like daily hygiene, but the staff work with him and me to get things done.  Thank you so much, Bayside Park.  Manny F.

Review by Roberto F.