Rites of Spring…

By Various Residents  – April 9th, 2014

Submitted by Cree Bradbury:  

“Spring is truly a season of joy, violets, and their purple of Lent. Lent represents the 40 days of this Christian time of Jesus praying in the desert from Ash Wednesday through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, to the glorious time of the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

“Our Lord God is represented by the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This is the basis of most Christian Lents.”

Submitted by Bea Finger:

Pesach, our word for Passover, celebrates the passing by of Hebrew homes by putting a mark on the door to save the first-born males after infidels were sent to kill them. We have a Seder dinner using Matzah because they didn’t have time to leaven the bread to rise.  A Jewish saying is: ‘They tried to kill us, they couldn’t; let’s eat.’”

Submitted by Joe Voytek:

“I grew up in Wisconsin. Many days of the year, we had snow on the ground. As more and more of the snow melted, more and more objects began to emerge through the snow. One of the first things to appear were the handlebars of the bicycles we had left outside all winter. Slowly, more and more of the bikes emerged. Unfortunately, there were new areas of rust on the bicycles. Each year, we planned to remove all of the rust before we repainted the bikes. Each year, however, we started to ride the bikes before we sanded off the new areas of rust. Before long, we forgot all about sanding off the new and old areas of rust on our bikes. Instead, we spent our time riding our bicycles to new destinations, as the amount of rust on our bicycles increased from one year to the next. Before long, our bicycles no longer looked like new, but that didn’t really bother us. They still quickly carried us to wherever we wanted to go.”

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