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Senior Care: The Mind-Body Connection and How It Can Help Healing

woman_4C_000008819243Improving the mind-body connection can greatly benefit emotional and physical health, which is why it’s a vital component of senior care. Mindful exercise helps seniors build the skills to live healthier lives and to self-soothe with meditation and enhanced body awareness.

What exactly is the mind-body connection? Research shows that a physical experience can have a mental effect, and vice versa. Older adults heal more quickly and fully when they have lower levels of stress and strong mind-body connections. That’s why mind-body exercises are such an incredibly important aspect of senior care.

For instance, when you recall an upsetting experience, your heart may beat faster, or you may begin to sweat. But if you recall a time when you were happy or calm, your body and mind both relax. The mind-body connection offers us the opportunity to use our thoughts to positively influence our body’s experience, which can reduce stress and improve overall health, even increasing our healing ability.

Senior care that takes advantage of the mind-body connection often emphasizes mindful exercise, like yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong routines. These exercises not only have incredible physical benefits such as improved coordination, balance, and strength, they have great emotional benefits, too. Through mindful activities, seniors can achieve relaxation, quiet their minds, and enhance their body awareness.

Another plus of senior care mind-body exercises? They are excellent forms of memory training. Through guidance, visualization, and repetition, seniors learn a sequence of exercises that can help promote mental acuity.

At Bayside Park, our senior care isn’t just about providing compassionate care—it’s also about helping seniors learn to care for themselves from the inside, out. That’s why we offer many opportunities for our residents to make the most of our forward-thinking senior care, including a variety of activities that exercise the mind-body connection. For more information about our community, please contact us.

Cheryl MarshAbout the Author
Cheryl Marsh has been passionate about serving older adults since she was a CNA at the influential age of 16. Cheryl leads the daily operations and program development at Bayside Park. She has more than 25 years of experience in health care and client advocacy, continually forging new territory in her development of programs for residents who want to actively participate in their world despite physical or cognitive challenges. Cheryl’s work has won high praise from industry and patient groups. She has been recognized as Marketing Director of the Year from Regency Healthcare and has been a featured speaker at the California Assisted Living Association’s Statewide Conference.

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